About Us

Fraser-Edwards Company, LLC was founded in 1952 by Gene M. Edwards and Jack Fraser as a manufacturer and distributor of recreational surfacing materials and equipment and consulting firm. The company's philosophy and reputation are built on knowledge, experience and innovation with the products we furnish to customers around the world.

Mr. Edwards' career started with the establishment of an international industry. In 1965, he was one of a small group of founding members of the United States Tennis Court and Track Builders Association, now the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA).

Mr. Edwards' contributions to the industry reached around the world as he ventured from California to establish several offices throughout the western United States and eventually reached in to Australia and Asia, where he introduced tennis court and running track surface technology and materials to those continents. Over his 50 year career, Mr. Edwards' other businesses included general contracting firms specialized in roofing, waterproof decking, flooring and athletic facility maintenance and construction throughout the western United States. Mr. Edwards passed away in 1998.

Chip Moreland joined Fraser Edwards in 1993 after working in the industry for the previous 10 years as a material supplier and technical consultant. In 1997, Mr. Edwards' son Tony joined the team. Tony is an ASBA Certified Tennis Court Builder.

Chip and Tony have carried on Fraser Edwards' tradition, providing the highest quality service to their domestic and international clientele in the form of consulting on technical innovations, construction and engineering techniques, and as suppliers of the highest quality surfacing materials, equipment and accessories.

Please feel free to contact us for any and all of your athletic, recreational and pedestrian surfacing needs. We certify and supervise all of our clients to do this specialized work.