Multi-Use Athletic

Plexicourt Basketball and Multi-Sport Surface Products

Plexicourt sport surfaces are ideal for basketball, badminton, volleyball, and netball courts as well as for inline hockey, skate parks, play areas and multi-sport recreational areas. Three distinct textures allow the owner and athlete to select the surface system that best matches their need for traction and abrasion resistance. Plexicourt relies on unique combinations of Plexipave Systems products to achieve the longevity and playability required for these sports.

Rebound Ace

Air Cushion

AIR CUSHION utilizes the same cushion technology as the GS8 mat system and alters it for use where subsurface movement is predicted. The application process of the Air Cushion system was created for rooftops and surfaces with expansion joints. Mat Adhesive is applied along the exterior of the mat to accommodate surface movement.


GS8mm mat system offers the ultimate level of cushioned comfort and shock absorbency. Utilizing a polyurethane, prefabricated mat, GS8 offers the highest shock absorbency on the market. This surface system is perfect for periods of extended play and are well-suited for the lifelong player. GS8 is topped with Synpave’s Ultra Top Coat which offer 12 of the most vibrantly pigmented colors in the industry.

HSA Club

HSA CLUB provides the perfect combination of performance and comfort. Utilizing a 4 mm rubber mat, HSA is the perfect surface solution for competitive play and physical wellness. HSA Club is topped with Synpave’s Ultra Top Coat which offer 12 of the most vibrantly pigmented colors in the industry.

Rebound Ace Pro

REBOUND ACE PRO series of surfaces consist of liquid rubber cushion for high performance and durability.

Rebound Ace Portable

REBOUND ACE PORTABLE is the perfect surface solution for exhibition matches in high profile venues that require quick turnover. Suited for events like Davis and Fed Cups, the entire surface is stored in a single container and can be installed in about 3 hours by a small team. The precoated, interlocking system offers premium cushion and comfort while maximizing performance. Pace of play can be customized to order. Portable was created specifically for the WTA finals in Singapore. This surface system can by leased or bought outright.